The Reverend and Reprobate Podcast

The Reverend and Reprobate, the comedy podcast where two best friends delve into the depths of long-form interviews with their unique and hilarious perspectives. Join us as we explore the world and its inhabitants through the eyes of two unlikely companions: The Reverend, with his pious and proper demeanor, and The Reprobate, with his irreverent and devilish charm. Each week, we sit down with fascinating guests from all walks of life, and with our comedic banter and probing questions, we promise to entertain, enlighten, and leave you laughing out loud. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some irreverent hilarity with The Reverend and Reprobate.

Reverend Lucas Pinckard

Lucas Pinckard – The Reverend (Actual Pastor), Bass, Thor, Husband, Father, Harley Davidson, friend of Mike Rhyner and David Baker, Jackwagon.

Reprobate Danley Gibson

Dan Gibson – Full Time Reprobate, Guitar, Batman, Aspiring Chef, Husband/Father, friend to all, Grumpy, Jackhammer.